Website Support & Maintenance

We know that not every business has the resources to hire a Website Administrator.

It’s very important to keep your website updated with fresh, new and vibrant content to keep your customers engaged and interactive with your brand, especially when you’re marketing your business through the web and/or social media networks.

Whether we developed your website or another company or you did it yourself, we can provide the administrative and technical support to keep your website up to date with security patches and technical changes.

You should focus on what you do best, your business! Let us handle the error messages, codes and security updates and even content changes.

Choose a package based your business needs

Whether your site requires daily, weekly or monthly updates, count on our reliable and friendly team to care for it as if it were our own. We can add new pages, fix what’s broken.

You can choose to start with a set amount hours or begin a monthly support plan

Pricing Plans



US$ 220.75 or CA$ 300

Per Month




US$ 367.75 or CA$ 500

Per Month




US$ 514.75 or CA$ 700

Per Month